DirectInput Tweaks



Last Updated: November 2015 (Revision 2)


1. Download the zip file above.

2. Extract the contents into the game's folder.

3. Run 'dinput_tweaks.exe' and select options.

4. Run the game. Enjoy!


This simple patch allows tweaking certain old DirectInput games when played on Windows 7 and up.

It was originally developed for X - Beyond the Frontier but may work for other games.

It can trick games into reading the Slider axis of your joystick as if it were the Z axis. It also has options to invert the Z axis, Z rotation and Slider axes as required.


  • Thrustmaster Flightstick X (thanks FoxTwo)
  • Logitech Extreme 3D Pro (thanks Jeremy)
  • Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2
  • Thrustmaster T-16000M
  • Xbox 360 Controller

Game doesn't work or joystick isn't on the list? let me know!